Pure Raw coconut oil

I’ve been obsessed with Bali Balance products for over 7 years (they travel with me everywhere). The coconut oils, especially the raw virgin, have been my daily- can’t live without- moisturizers.  Also love the lip balm and sunscreens.  All around beautiful natural products that have enriched my skin/life.

Maggy Kennedy - Hospitality Specialist and always best on ground


Lip Love

My favorite product is the Lip Love - it not only moisturizes my lips with organic products but gives me a sheen shine that looks beautiful 🙏🤩 thank you BB, my whole family loves all your products ❤️

Ivana Sahami Obradovic - Coach in non-violent communication, awesome mother and jetsetter



Green tea face and body scrub, love love this gentle exfoliator! ❤️

Natasha, Interior Designer Extraordinaire


Shampoo and Conditioner

I love your products and feel so grateful to FINALLY find you in Bali. I’m a highly sensitive expat, and have been totally unable to find non-toxic products in Indonesia. Now that I found your new shop, I’ll be coming a lot! My favorite products so far are the hydrating shampoo and conditioner, which leave my hair smooth and soft. I also especially love your Magnolia BodyWash – sweet and gentle. Your pure unprocessed chemical-free coconut oil is a delicious after-bath elixir that balances my skin and nourishes better than the most expensive creams! Ha Ha! Thanks, Bali Balance, for making the world a better place!

Sri Jana, Healer and blogger of Fiveseasonsmedicine.com


Essential oils

I love the fact that there is a vast range of pure essential oils like frankincense, patchouli, tea tree, oregano and many more.

Heather Child, Feng Shui Master

BLOSSOM Face Crème

BLOSSOM – Nomen est omen. Just great this product is! My travel companion for day and night, for him or her. It's so soothing, so nourishing. And still not heavy and very pleasant on the skin. Even in a tropical, humid climate: the hit!

Monica Jero Artawan, Entrepreneur, founder of www.my-home.ch www.jodoobali.com

 BLISS Body Wash

I’m totally in love with the smell of BB’s BLISS! It makes every shower feel luxurious and decadent. The perfect way to start and end each day.

Emma Gabriel, Yoga Guru extraordinaire and Jetsetter

Mozzy, Face Serum and Lip Love

The mozzy repellent and lip balmI absolutely love my purchases from Bali Balance The lip Love lip balm, I use it everyday.I actually now have them in different bags so I don't forget..Mosquito repellent I have 3 now.

Face Serum I love... highly recommend.

Donna Green, Charity Angel

Overall range

Bali Balance means Selfcare for me and my skin. This natural products not only nourish my skin and make it glow, I feel that my whole body can breathe and feels cared for. I love all the different scents of body wash and body lotions and I do use only Bali Balance oils for my treatments as a bodyworker. This pure fresh coconut oil really suits all skin types and has big healing properties. From surf zinc to face night oil to body wash and mosquito spray, I just can’t get enough Bali Balance in my life 🥰🙏 thank you BB

Stayfunittely Feelfood, Deep Tissue matrix healer, therapist and HOT Boogieboarder www.stafanitelyfeelgood.com

Shampoo and Conditioner

I love the Bali Balance ROSEMARY COCONUT Shampoo and the Conditioner. I have a very sensitive scalp and the raw coconut oil and rosemary essential oil help to get it in balance. Besides the smell and texture of both are extra lovely

Andrea Fuessing, Business coach www.awareness-marketing.de

Overall range

I have long been a big fan of natural cosmetics and coconut-based products have done it to me. Yes, you can definitely say that I am Coco nuts. 🤣 Bali Balance has long been a favorite of mine. Why? All their products are chemical and paraben free, animal cruelty free, palm oil free and I love that they support local farmers too. You can definitely feel the Bali feeling in all their amazing products -  nourishing your body AND soul.

Lina, Lotus Warrior Coach 


I am so in love with this face crème, this is all I use now during the day. At night, I use the raw coconut oil as make up remover and smutter it all over my body.

Bandana Tewari, Sustainability Activist and Humanitarian extraordinaire

Sundlock, Zinc and Mozzy

Absolutely love these products, have been stocking in world class resorts for 5 years … and thought it’s time I leave a review … sunscreen is reef friendly … coconut oil simply the best … Zinc is great and BYE BYE MOZZIE … non TOXIC and it works …

Made in BALI … xxx

Lorraine Oaks, High End Hotel Boutique supplier and designer extraordinaire

Moisturizer, Raw Coconut Oil

Amazing products … 100% natural … I’m Male in my 60s and I particularly loved the toner and moisturizer … the smell is awesome … love the coconut oil is 100% the best and sun cream is reef friendly … why buy anything else … love BALI BALANCE … keep doing what your doing

Peter Decker, Superbuilder


I love this hand creme with lemongrass and jasmine. Living in Switzerland my hands and arms get so dry during winter and I just love the consistency of the lotion. There is no oil or creme residue and it gets absorbed nicely.

Katharina Nufer, Foundermum