Discover the Bali Balance RAW virgin coconut oil DME TM Direct Micro Expelled

The Bali Balance raw virgin coconut oil is produced within one hour after opening the coconut. The production plant is in Tabanan, Bali and is running without electricity and no waste policy.

This technology was invented by Dr. Dan Etherington, two centuries ago. Hes mission was to bring prosperity and jobs to rural areas, mainly in the Salomon Island, where this oil has been produced for many years. In 2015 an entrepreneur from New Zealand has brought this technology to Bali and has already created 25 jobs, mostly woman,  in the rural area of Bali.

The oil is unfiltered, unrefined, raw, full of minerals and vitamins. It can be used for the body, the hair, as a remedy for a rash, runny nose and much more. It is eatable grade, so its ideal for a natural sweetener, smoothies, baking, cooking, raw food recipes, the list is endless.

This precious oil has a shelf life of 5 years unlike other oils that usually only last for 1 year. On top of that, theses oils can be shipped in a boat or a plane, the change of temperature does not effect the quality of the oil. Above 25 degrees Celsius the oil is liquid, below that it becomes solid.