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Discover the world of Bali Balance. All natural products for your face, body, hair and senses.

Our face products are created to nourish your skin perfectly in the Bali climate and beyond. The 24/7 face serum can be used day and night, in addition we created the night oil, which provides the perfect ingredients for a glowing skin. Our lip balm feeds your pout with virgin coconut oil, beeswax and coco butter.

organic bodylotion bodywash virgin coconut oil massage oil

Our body products nourish your skin perfectly. Choose from Bliss or Bohemian, both blends from organic essential oils. Chemical free, unscented sun block with SPF 50 ensures a perfect protection from the Bali sun and a mosquito repellent with healing properties help to prevent and heal nasty bites.

organic shampoo conditioner

Our coconut and rosemary shampoo and conditioner leave your hair perfectly nourished and smelling amazingly fresh. Our raw coconut oil and rosemary essential oil shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses, conditions and nourishes leaving hair smelling amazingly fresh and soft.

balinese ceramic handmade oil burner

A range or soy candles, incense, Balinese hand made ceramics such as oil burners, soap pumps, incense holders, bath containers and more round up our range. Something for every bathroom, spa and home.

About Us

Bali Balance is proud to offer a complete line of natural products containing superior Balinese plants. We work with local Balinese communities in the creation of our products in order to give back to the beautiful island paradise where our products originate.


Made in Bali with Love

Chemical Free/Paraben Free

No Animal Cruelty

No Palm Oil/Wax

Highest Quality Pure Oils

Supporting Local Farmers

Made According to Swiss Standards

Affordable Pricing/Bulk Discounts

International shipping

Spa services


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We are pleased to announce our new Bali Balance signature treatment SPA opening in 2017. Combining potent Balinese herbs with our handmade small batch raw coconut oil, each holistic remedy explores the approach of healing through natural ingredients, essential oils, extracts and the power of touch.  Come visit us and join the Bali Balance SPA revolution!


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